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Class Schedule Spring 2024

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Wooden Floor


Individual Classes

$15 per class

4 Classes for $60

8 Classes for $110


Pre-School Dance 30 min

1 Class per week $40/month

Preschool Dance 2:45min

1 Class per week



Dance Beginnings 75 min

1 Class per week $55/month

Monthly Tuition

1 Class per week $60

2 Class per week $110

3 Class per week $150

4 Class per week $190

5 Class per week $220

6 Class per week $255

7 Class per week $275

8 Class per week $295

Unlimited immediate family $310

Families 2 or more Dancers $330

Families 3 or more Dancers $350







While these two styles are different, they are similar in that they  require an intermediate dancer and are based on “expression”.  Lyrical means…we dance to the “lyrics”. Contemporary takes us on a journey, usually telling us a story. They are a cross between ballet and jazz adding their own special flavor and steps.




It’s the latest, greatest dance craze. It’s what the Cheetah girls do and many of the pop stars in their music videos.  We offer many different styles of hip hop for all ages,  from the beginner to the pro.  We also offer these in Teen and Adult.  We encourage the guys to take these classes as they do extremely well.




This combines acting with dance. Musical theater prepares and trains the girls for the style you would see in musicals, such as Annie, A Chorus Line, Hairspray, etc. They learn to sing and dance as well as act out the song.




Ballet is the foundation for all dance. We teach ballet as the classical art form it has been since the 1500’s.  Ballet teaches us how to find our center, balance, control, strength and grace.  We offer these classes for the Teen and Adult as well. Students will gain a solid knowledge of terminology, how to use the proper muscles, and dances that create the true grace of ballet.  We offer all levels of ballet. Periodically we provide a ballet project. This is open to all who audition, culminating in a show.




We teach all styles. Classical, Broadway (including Fosse) and Funky. Jazz requires great technique, so we also offer Jazz tech classes only. In these classes the dancer can concentrate on basics, such as, turns, leaps, kicks, flexibility, arms, etc. We also are unique in that we offer Teen Classes. These are designed for the teenager who has decided they now want to dance. They are considered beginners and don’t want to be in classes with much younger dancers.  We also offer Adult Jazz. We have fun, we work out, and we learn how to do jazz for adults.




Not only does tumbling help with flexibility, the "tricks" such as cartwheels, walk-overs, aerials, handsprings and other types of acrobatic moves are largely incorporated into many of the dance styles.




Tap is a fun form of dance. Great exercise. We invite all to come including  the guys. We find they are naturals at it. Once you have the basics, with our teachers, you will be amazed at how fast you can tap, how many sounds your feet can make, and how much fun you are having.  We offer Teen and Adult tap as well as all levels.




We offer ballet/tap combination classes  for the young dancer.  They are divided into Dance Beginnings for the very young, beginning combo for the 4-6 yr olds and intermediate combos  for the 4-6 yr. old as they progress. Throughout the year we add fun days such as, dress-up…acting…..tumbling…mommy and me.




The tech classes (short for technique) are classes dedicated solely to working on technique specific to  jazz and lyrical.  The dancers work on all styles  of turns, leaps, kicks and tricks such as leg holds, illusions, etc.​


The strength /stretch and condition classes are designed to build the proper dancer body. They must have strength as well as a flexible body to create the beautiful lines that not only ballet requires, but all of the other dance styles.  This helps to prevent injuries and creates a strong, confident, beautiful dancer with properly developed muscles.

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